Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Tilde Store

Why I did not receive a confirmation e-mail with the product license and the installation key?

You may have entered an inaccurate e-mail address when purchasing the product. To resend you a confirmation e-mail, please, contact our customer service.

An error is returned when I pay by a credit card.

Please, verify that values in all payment fields are accurate and retry to perform the payment. If the problem persists, there may be insufficient funds in the bank account or the credit card is not valid. In such case, contact your bank to find the reason of the error.

How to download the product?

Click the product download link displayed on the Internet browser screen or found in the confirmation e-mail you received. Based on the version of the Internet browser, before you can begin to install the product, you can open the file straight away or open it after saving in your computer.

When I open the downloaded file, an error message about connection to the Internet is displayed.

The downloaded file is the download manager and you need an Internet connection in order to download the selected product. Please make sure that your Internet connection is enabled.

How is the program installation performed?

The program is downloaded by the download manager. The installation of the program begins automatically after the program is downloaded. In the event you have stopped the installation of the program or it has been stopped due to a lost Internet connection, click once again on the downloaded file and follow the setup instructions. For the program installation key (if any) see the product purchase confirmation e-mail.