Tilde launches Tildes Biuras 2014

Tilde launched a brand new, completely redeveloped edition of its popular desktop proofing tool for Lithuanian, Tildes Biuras. The new Tildes Biuras 2014 is faster, smarter, and better than ever, making sure the Lithuanian language is given full technical support in the digital age.

"The Big Wave" interview with Tilde CEO

Online language technology journal
The Big Wave has published an interview with Tilde’s CEO, Andrejs Vasiļjevs. In the interview, Vasiļjevs discusses the benefits of machine translation for the translation industry. He also introduces Tilde’s machine translation platform LetsMT, which allows users to build customized MT systems.

Tilde meets with Mongolian Foreign Minister

Representatives from Tilde met with Mongolian Foreign Minister Luvsanvandan Bold and his delegation today at the
IT Demo Centre in Riga. During the meeting, customer relations manager Toms Žunna presented Tilde’s language technology products, including the machine translation platform LetsMT.