Tilde’s demonstration at EURALEX 2014

During the sunny days of July 15-19, the XVI International Congress of the European Association for Lexicography “EURALEX 2014” is being held in Bolzano, Italy. There, Tilde demonstrates the innovative platform which was developed during the project “TaaS: Terminology as a Service”.

Microsoft collaborates with Tilde to translate Twitter entries for the whole world

The next time the world is swept over by news of Latvia's achievements, users of the Twitter social network will be able to read Latvian language entries in English. Automatic translation is provided by the Microsoft machine translation service Bing Translator, whose Latvian language translation function was developed in collaboration with the Latvian company Tilde.

Tilde presents "TaaS: Terminology as a Service" at international terminology conference

On June 19-21, Tilde representatives will participate in the 11th international conference "Terminology and Knowledge Engineering" (TKE 2014) in Berlin, Germany, where they will present the TaaS (Terminology as a Service) project.  

The project's presentation, titled “Service model for semi-automatic generation of multilingual terminology resources” (authors: M. Pinnis, A. Vasiļjevs, and T. Gornostay), will take place Friday, June 20th.